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12 X TDAKS Termite Interceptors. Simple is best.
12 X TDAKS Termite Interceptors. Simple is best.
12 X TDAKS Termite Interceptors. Simple is best.
12 X TDAKS Termite Interceptors. Simple is best.
12 X TDAKS Termite Interceptors. Simple is best.
12 X TDAKS Termite Interceptors. Simple is best.

12 X TDAKS Termite Interceptors. Simple is best.

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It's hard to believe that such a simple system is actually superior
to those plastic contraptions that were first developed by a major
chemical company trying to corner the termite treatment market.
Surprisingly though, the original ( and still the world's most popular )
plastic box was designed by someone who knew precious little
about termite behaviour.
You don't have to believe it.
It's your home and you can take any risk you like with it.

Imagine walking around outside your home glancing down every few steps.
In less than 1 minute you have just inspected 12 of our Termite Interceptors.
No crouching to remove lids.
No risk of disturbing termites during routine inspections.
No chance of other insects entering.
No need to replace for up to 8 years in NSW & Victoria.

These will never be recommended by pros because they won't be able to charge
the usual $150 - $200 per visit ( built into their normal contract ) for a 1 minute inspection.
The plastic box manufacturers will not incorporate a zero touch inspection system
for fear of being boycotted by all professional termite controllers.

Ours is the same method used in scientific field trials with a modern twist we developed.
A unique inspection system that requires no physical interference to inspect.

This listing is for 12 x TDAKS® Interceptors ( aka baits or traps )
( each Interceptor measures 65mm * 30mm * 180mm )
Easy to follow instructions
Bonus 100 gram starter pack of Termatrix2
MRR $75.00
Note: This is not enough for an entire treatment.

Termite baiting 101
Termite Interceptors ( aka baits or traps ) are placed in the soil around
homes to detect termites as they relentlessly search for food and water
to keep the hidden colony going.
Periodical inspections are carried out.
When termite activity is indicated it means a connection has been
established with the termites' underground world.
A treatment is introduced which is distributed by the termites
themselves, killing off the hidden colony.

Common mistakes homeowners make.
Thinking that in ground termite devices attract termites. They can't.
Termites are blind foragers and find food the same way you would find a tree while running around
a forest while blind folded.
Believing that the word termite bait means termite killer. It doesn't.
It's a misleading term and I do hope it was never intentional. Think in terms of 'fishing' bait.
Thinking normal home insurance will cover termite damage. It won't.
Those Timber Replacement Warranties have so many exclusions and expensive conditions
that they're barely worth the paper they are printed on.
Thinking a concrete slab will stop them. It won't.
Thinking that termite 'Resistant' timber framing won't be attacked. It will.
( Effective arsenic based treatments, making timber termite proof, were banned years ago ).

TDAKS® Interceptors ( aka baits / traps ) like all similar systems are intended for use as an adjunct to
termite barriers and professional inspections and not intended as a replacement for same.