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Recycling and the environment

All of our new items are unwanted gifts.
We do not resell items purchased from wholesalers.

The general preoccupation with buying Brand New is having
dire consequences for the world's environment.

In Australia alone the statistics are frightening.
575,000 tonnes of clothing end up in land fill EVERY YEAR.
Due to the nature of synthetic fibres it can take over
100 years for them to biodegrade with nasty chemicals leeching
into water tables.

Why not go 'recycled' for just one year.

There are also economic consequences because every time
new clothing is purchased it's the equivalent of putting money
into an envelope and sending it off shore. Australia only
receives the economic 'crumbs'.
The USA sells it's garbage clothing to 3rd world countries
like Africa because it's cheaper to sell it to them than pay
tip fees in the USA. The land fill problem simply moves to
another country.

Australia's waste problem