Enter MY30 at checkout to receive a 30% discount.


All this can be done anonymously until you check out.

Make an offer on single item(s).
Just click on the MAKE AN OFFER button ( under the ADD TO CART button ).
Enter the price you would like to pay and wait for around 15 seconds. 
Your offer will either be accepted, rejected or a counter offer made.
Repeat for each item.
If you receive a counter offer you are not happy with just close the pop up box.
Please note:
If you remove an item from your cart the overall discount will disappear
until another item is added. Once a new item is added your original discount
for the entire cart full will apply again
Make an offer on your cart total.
You can also add items directly to your cart ( without making individual offers )
and make an offer on the cart total.
Using any other DISCOUNT CODE is not possible
MAKE AN OFFER generates it's own code. Only one code can be used during
a single check out due to a limitation by Shopify's software architecture.
If you experience any problem at all just use the 'Contact Us' link at
the bottom of any pages.